Ava Genevieve Matis

September 26th 2014 was a beautiful, crisp fall day.  The sun was shining and the leaves were on fire with color.  It was the perfect Autumn day in New England and it was about to get even better.  I had a great weekend lined up.  Friday night in Boston for Yankees vs. Red Sox and Derek Jeter's final weekend ever playing baseball followed by Saturday in Newport, RI with my wife and her family.  Friday night my college buddy Mark and I were catching up over a beer in a local pub before we headed into the stadium when I received a text from my sister: "I'm going into labor!"  I nearly fell off the barstool in excitement.  I thought back to when my sister had her first daughter, Lane McKenna, and how my wife, my younger sister and I snuck into the maternity wing at 3AM to meet our new niece and I was bummed that I couldn't be at the hospital this time.  

Ava Genevieve Matis was born at 8:14PM.  Beautiful and healthy.  

After Boston (Yankees won 3-2 Friday night!) and Newport we were finally able to meet Ava that Sunday and she was amazing.  It was the best ending to a weekend I'll remember all my life.

A couple weeks later I had the pleasure of shooting some photographs of Ava and her proud big sister Lane.  I'm excited to watch these two grow up and capture moments like these that remind me that family is the most important thing in this life.